Allbrite Power Washing Inc. is proficient in cleaning all surfaces including, but not limited to: vinyl, wood, Hardi plank, stucco, decking, E.I.F.S, composite materials, cement, brick, and pavers. By using the best cleaning products and chemicals available, we offer eco-friendly products as part of our lineup of chemicals used to provide our services.
-We also provide staining as well as cleaning to exotic woods such as teak, Brazilian lumber, or Epac.

-Low Pressure

-High Pressure

-Temperatures ranging from cold water for homes and hot water and steam for heavy equipment grease removal
We at Allbrite can presently provide power washing in Myrtle Beach for local restaurants, fleet trucks, homes and business structures. Our process for cleaning heavy equipment consists of steam for grease and dirt removal. When it comes to cleaning driveway pavers, we offer replacement of sand that has eroded away over the years. Brick sealing is also available if you so desire.

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  1. Test
    Cement Driveways
    Offering pressure washing for concrete driveways in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  2. Patio Pavers and Brick Slate
    Patio Pavers and Brick Slate
    We do pressure washing on brick pavers and brick slate.
  3. Brick
    Pressure washing for brick.
  4. Hardi Plank
    Hardi Plank
    Pressure Washing Hardi Plank (vinyl siding)
  1. Test
    Wooden Fences
    Offering pressure washing for wooden fences in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  2. Wooden Decks
    Wooden Decks
    We do pressure washing on wooden decks.
  3. Stamped and Painted Concrete
    Stamped and Painted Concrete
    Pressure washing for stamped and painted concrete.
  4. Vinyl Siding and Fences
    Vinyl Siding and Fences
    Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding and Vinyl Fences